High Place Vacuum Cleaner Attachment

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U.S. Patent : #8,407,853   

Inventor : John Baxt

From The Inventor:

Cleaning fan blades started my quest for a tool to do the job. My brush on a telescoping pole pushed the sticky dust onto the floor or elsewhere where I still had to get the vacuum cleaner out to complete the job. Having the telescoping pole and brush out, I would proceed to look for dust on the ceiling fan motor housing, cobwebs high on the walls and around ceiling mounted lights, in and on the air conditioner registers, high window sills, etc. Still there was always a small mess that had to be cleaned up and the pesky spiders just started the process all over again after finishing my superficial cleaning.

My initial idea of attaching the vacuum cleaner to something to make the job a single step operation met with no success as there were no extension tubes or telescoping wands available and there was no tool in the vacuum cleaner accessories that addressed the surfaces.

Outside, the problems were more severe and the brush on the pole even less helpful. An adaptor to attach to the wet/dry vacuum cleaner addresses this problem of dirt and cobwebs on high surfaces such as the eaves of the roof, outside light fixtures, outside windows and screens, etc.

We all know that vacuuming aids in the removal of disease and allergy producing entities at floor level in the home. With the "High Place Vacuum Cleaner Attachment" we can now obtain this same hygienic cleaning at higher levels. Removal of dust, dirt, allergens as well as insects including spiders located on high surfaces and spread by the air movement produced by fans and air-conditioning will add to our medical well-being. People with asthma and other lung and breathing problems might benefit significantly from this invention.

John Baxt - Inventor

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The present invention is a simple attachment for a vacuum cleaner that allows the operator to reach high places with ease. The attachment is formed as a wand with an elongated bent handle and tool, which has a rotatable connection to the handle. The invention may be utilized to clean ceiling fan housing and blades, high windows, light fixtures, high ceilings, air conditioner registers, outside windows, eaves of a home, elevated decks and more. Additionally, the High Place Vacuum Cleaner Attachment is adaptable and lockable to existing vacuum lines.

Objects of the present invention:

  • to provide a vacuum attachment that allows for the user to effectively reach and clean hard to reach horizontal and vertical surfaces without changing the orientation of the wand with respect to a work surface

  • to provide a vacuum attachment having a brush that is rotateably adjustable to a plurality of angles and orientations to reach hard to clean areas more efficiently while having a form that draws suction from both sides of the brush

  • to provide a vacuum attachment having a bent handle with a 90° bend to further maneuver the cleaning head into a desired position

  • to provide a vacuum attachment that allows for attachment and locking to an existing vacuum setup and appropriate adapter for wet/dry vacuum and outdoor use

  • to provide a vacuum attachment that has a brush to more effectively break up and remove matter

The following pictures are meant to display possible physical characteristics of the present invention and are not to be taken in a limiting sense. It is understood that other embodiments may be utilized and that structural changes may be made without departing from the scope of the invention.

10 present invention 30 holes
12 handle 32 spring-loaded balls
14 tool 34 locking button
16 base 36 locking aperture
18 tubular extension 38 release slide
20 tubular bend 40 wet/dry adapter
22 brush 42 tubular extender
24 suction opening 44 vacuum cleaner hose
26 connector 46 ceiling fan
28 release button

patent drawing

Figure 1 is an illustrative view of the present invention in use.

patent drawing

Figure 2 is a perspective view of the invention.

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Figure 3 is a top view of the invention.

patent drawing

Figure 4 is side view of the vacuum attachment of the present invention.

patent drawing

Figure 5 is another side view.

patent drawing

Figure 6 is a top sectional view.

patent drawing

Figure 6a is a top sectional view of another embodiment of the present invention.

patent drawing

Figure 7 is a side sectional view of the present invention.

patent drawing

Figure 8 is a detailed view of the attachment portion of the invention.

patent drawing

Figure 8a is a perspective view of an adaptor of the present invention.

patent drawing

Figure 8b is a perspective view of an extender of the present invention.

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