New Product:
Paper Ring

U.S. Patent: # 6,113,298

Inventor: Ruth Julia Miro

As attorney for the inventor of an innovative Paper Ring, we are currently seeking manufacturing companies to license, purchase patent rights or enter into a royalty agreement for this timely invention.

The Paper Ring fits within aligned punched holes in a stack of loose-leaf pages, when the loose-leaf pages are removed from a loose-leaf binder, so as to temporarily hold the loose-leaf pages together. An added benefit is that it allows the user to turn the loose-leaf pages fully around, making it easier to grasp and read information on all of the loose-leaf pages.

Objects of the present invention:

Now for the first time this Paper Ring is being made available to millions of potential users. The low manufacturing cost of the product is also of major importance.

10 paper ring24 protective covering of 12
12 generally double toroidala
shaped flexible loop of 10
26 lightweight metal material for 22
14 first abutting end of 1228 shinning rubber material for 24
16 second abutting end of 1230 continuous cylindrical band for 22
18 punched hole in 2032 continuous cylindrical sleeve for 24
20 loose-leaf page34 side edge of 20
21 loose-leaf binder36 top edge of 20
22 information on 2038 retainer ring of 21
23 thin strong pliable
wire-like core of 12
intentionally not used

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