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  • Traffic Light Illumination Duration Indicator - A traffic light illumination duration indicator providing motor vehicle operators with a visual indicator of the amount of time before the traffic light changes.
  • Hygienic Assurance System for Monitoring the Hand Washing of an Individual - A hygiene assurance system whereby the user may be identified monitored and reminded to wash their hands after using a bathroom facility.
  • UNIQUE PORTABLE OVAL SHAPES BLIND FOR DOORS WITH GLASS AND WINDOWS - A portable operational privacy press on glass-cover blind that is easily installed and removed for maintenance, painting, repositioning, etc. without the use of tools.
  • Appendage Covering System - A protective covering for a bandage or cast allowing the user to take a shower and to travel in inclement weather without contaminating or damaging the bandage or cast.
  • Laser Etched Article With Illuminable Housing - An article comprised of a translucent material having a laser etched image therein placed within a lighted housing.
  • Pet Shelter With Food & Water Dispensers - A pet shelter incorporating a food dispenser and a water dispenser.
  • Magnetic Drive Motor - A magnetic motor that generates electrical and mechanical power to drive a motor vehicle.
  • Microtagging Motor Vehicles For Identification From A Paint Sample - A method of identifying a particular vehicle involved in a motor vehicle accident by microtagging the paint used on the vehicle whereby any paint residue is encoded with the vehicle identification number.
  • Dental Implant Post Cleaner - A dental implant cleaning device that is capable of cleaning the interface area between a dental implant post and the gum line area of a user.
  • Educational Toy with Interchangeable Spheres - An educational toy having a plurality of interchangeable spheres disposed on a shaft.
  • The RoboLadder & RoboScaffold - A remote controlled Ladder or Scaffolding system designed for safety and ease of use.
  • Golf Putting Training Device - A a golf putting-training device attachable to a golf club.
  • Induced Draft Anti Fog Device For Goggles - An anti-fog system for goggles with a plurality of apertures therein for moving air in and out of the housing portion.
  • Dual Lidded Food Product Container - A food product container having an open top end and an open bottom end to provide user access to food product in the top and the bottom portions of the container.
  • Secure Self Adhering IV Catheter Assembly - A catheter assembly that can be adhesively attached to a recipient's skin.
  • Mountable Soap Dish - A mountable soap dish having a back wall and a downwardly cantilevered soap bar receptacle plate.
  • Storm and Hurricane Signage - An aerodynamic sign having a pivotal base to allow for a sign encountering high winds to turn into the wind to avoid being ripped out or damaged.
  • Hunters Hat Brim With Rearview Mirrors - A hat with rearview mirrors pivotally mounted to the hat brim that can be used by hunters to view game while limiting the need to move unnecessarily.
  • Secondary Heating System for Motor Vehicles - A secondary heating system for motor vehicles to continue to supply heat to the interior thereof once the engine is turned off.
  • Facial TENS Mask Having Cohesive Agent - A facial mask for electrically stimulating a user's facial muscles thereby restoring the youthful vigor to the muscles.
  • Hybrid Motor Vehicle Axle Generator - A power generative system for hybrid and electric vehicles that will help in the efforts to decrease our dependency on fuel oil.
  • Steam Turbine Engine - An environmentally friendly engine that operates under the power of highly pressurized steam.
  • Tailgate Barbeque Grill - A portable tailgate barbeque grill installed in the bed of a pickup truck.
  • Intermittent Electrical Charging AC/DC Driving System - An intermittently self-charging electrical AC/DC system that will allow smaller batteries to be used, lengthen the time between battery rechargings, and reduce brake wear.
  • Furniture Saver Covers & Furniture Saver Screens - Protective devices that save furniture from pet hair, dander, dirt and other damage associated with having household pets .
  • Musical Rhythmic Teaching Block System - A set of magnetic blocks having musical indicia for use in teaching the rhythmic system of music.
  • Drinking Straw With Integral Filtration System - A drinking straw that filters undesirable contaminants or pathogens prior to introduction into a user's body.
  • Window Mounted Solar Powered Night Light - A solar powered night light having a housing incorporating a lamp in circuit communication with a rechargeable power source, switch and solar cell for recharging said power source.
  • Mobile Repair Shop - A mobile repair shop for motor vehicles.
  • Tornado Prevention Method - A means for preventing the formation of a tornado by the release of cool water droplets over a broad area to counteract the presence of low warm moist air to effectively break the cycle of conditions needed to form a tornado.
  • Compact Golf Club Set - A compact golf club set with detachable club heads that have minimal structure beyond the club head, in order to maximize the storage efficiency of the club heads in a unique carrying case.
  • Lap Weight System with Ottoman Storage - A system for exercising incorporating exercise weights that are used in combination with an ottoman for storage.
  • Multi-Media Wireless System - A multi-media wireless system including at least one group of devices for outputting media stored within the controller such as speakers, video player or computer.
  • Illuminated Lens Device For Welders Helmet - A light which mounts to an attachment shield around the viewing lens of a welder's helmet.
  • Piggyback Auxiliary Motor Bracket - A bracket for mounting an auxiliary motor to an existing outboard motor.
  • Light Truck Support Lift - A motor vehicle suspension lift device that is inserted between the leaf spring and the truck body.
  • Deployable Defense Barrier For Motor Vehicles - A motor vehicle defense barrier that is deployed from the interior of the vehicle.
  • Hand Held Apparatus and Method for Pipe Crimping - A hand tool having compressible jaws incorporating means for creating at least one dimple within a pipe fitting that impinges on an interiorly positioned pipe.
  • Turbo Electric Vehicle - A ram air turbine system to charge a battery bank for electric and/or hybrid automobiles.
  • Nebulizer Delivery Device - A toy like device to augment the delivery of medication to pediatric patients such as young children and toddlers.
  • Ball Storage Backpack - A hands free carrier for storing balls during a sporting activity.
  • Lactose Free Dietary Supplement - A dietary supplement for aiding persons to learn a newly prescribed diet by providing a supplement to be taken regularly.
  • Protective Clothing Iron Holder - A clothing iron holder that can prevent injury and household damage when using a clothing iron.
  • Multiple Line Cellular Telephone - A cellular phone having two or more unique phone numbers.
  • Hygienic Dentrifice Applicator & Contamination Prevention - A disposable single use nozzle for precise applications of dental substances.
  • Tire Handling Device - A device to assist in the changing of a flat tire.
  • Cyphometry Consisting of Ciferglifs, Chaotiglyphs and Word Auras - An esoteric system of secret writing utilizing methods of lining numbers used to create ciferglifs.
  • Fork Eating Utensil with Side Rails - An eating utensil that prevents certain food elements from falling off the fork before reaching the mouth.
  • Wireless Fax Machine - A wireless facsimile machine enabled to use a cell phone to send and receive faxes.
  • Decorative Cat Litter Box Enclosure - An enclosure for a cat litter box having a furniture like appearance.
  • Nesting System for Storing Containers - A container storage system for efficiently storing containers in a space-saving manner.
  • Curling Iron Shield - A curling iron shield for use with a curling iron.
  • Method For Taking Liquid Medication - Individual dosage of medications in frangible packets.
  • Plant & Room Illumination Apparatus - A plant illumination apparatus and system that comprises a plurality of illuminable devices.
  • All Purpose Dispenser - A powder dispenser having a removable discharge tube is suited for the dispensing of powder into one's sock, shoe, or other desired articles.
  • Body Spritzer Formulation & Application Process - A skin spritzer utilizing a unique formulation that is a self supporting body treatment.
  • Skin Conditioning Composition & Application Process - A body conditioner application method for treating normal and dry skin conditions.
  • Electric Generating System - A system for generating electricity utilizing continuous reusable energy.
  • Solar Powered Fan - A solar powered personal fan in a compact round housing that is comfortably hand held.
  • Self Packing Non-Leak Hose Storage System - An apparatus for dispensing and retrieving a length of hose.
  • Photo Sensor & Camera Features For Automobiles - A proximity sensor and impact recording system wherein the photo-sensors are strategically placed to observe other vehicles to the front, back, passenger and driver sides of the vehicle.
  • Bluetooth with Audio Caller ID and Call Response - A voice command response system wherein the user's voice command allows the call to be accepted, sent to any number of recorded messages, disconnected or other pre-programmed functions.

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