Hat Hanger And Display Device

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U.S. Patent : #5,538,144

Inventor : Scott W. Reed

As attorney for the inventor of the innovative Hat Hanger And Display Device we are currently seeking manufacturing companies to license, purchase patent rights or enter into a royalty agreement for this timely invention.

Objects of the present invention:

Now for the first time this unique product is available for millions of potential users. The low manufacturing cost is of major importance.

10 present invention 34 diagonal arm for 30
12supporting member36 diagonal arm for 30
14 crown of 16 38 diagonal arm for 30
16hat40 V-shaped configuration for 36, 38
18 mounting assembly 42 diagonal arm for 30
20vertical flat surface44 diagonal arm for 30
22 upright arm 46 Y-shaped configuration for 42, 44
24fastener48 umbrella shaped support on 34
26 screw for 24 50 plastic material for 10
28rectangular shaped blade member for 2252 wood material for 10
30 brace structure 54 metal material for 10
32tab on 30

patent drawing

Figure 1 is a right side perspective view showing different types of hats that are each supported by the invention, which is mounted to a vertical flat surface.

patent drawing

Figure 2 is an enlarged right side perspective view as indicated by arrow 2 in Fig 1, showing a first embodiment of the invention in dotted lines.

patent drawing

Figure 3 is a left side perspective view of the first embodiment taken in the direction of arrow 3 in Fig 2, with the crown and bill of the hat broken away.

patent drawing

Figure 4 is a left side perspective view similar to Fig 3, of a second embodiment of the invention without a hat.

patent drawing

Figure 5 is a right side perspective view similar to Fig 2 of a third embodiment of the invention without a hat.

patent drawing

Figure 6 is a left side view with parts shown in cross section of a fourth embodiment of the instant invention without a hat.

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