River Pump Device


New Product: River Pump Device
Inventor: Eqdam Y. Salama
U.S. Patent: # 5,611,677

As attorney for the inventor of an innovative River Pump Device, we are currently seeking manufacturing companies to license, purchase patent rights or enter into a royalty agreement for this timely invention.

The River Pump Device is designed to provide a free source of power for pumping water from a river to an area where it can be used for other purposes such as irrigation. The device is unique in that it utilizes river power to pump the water to different areas. In doing so, it provides a pollution free low cost operation. When water is not needed, it can be diverted back to the river through a suitable connection of a pipe and valve.

In many locations, there is plenty of water available but it is often in the wrong area or expensive to pump from one place to another. The device uses the flow of the river water to power and operate a pump and in turn pumps the water to a place where it is needed. It is an invention which will fill a worldwide need.

Now for the first time this simple and easy to use River Pump Device is being made available to millions of potential users. The low manufacturing cost of the product is also of major importance.

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