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 Owner : Sky Adams

 Patent No.: US 7,988,402 B2

 Patent No.: CA 2,681,364

patent drawingTires are likely the single most frequent repair or replacement item on a motor vehicle. Over the years motor vehicle tires have become considerably more reliable, but total reliability is yet to be achieved. At the same time, motor vehicles have generally become heavier, with their wheels and tires becoming correspondingly larger and heavier as well. In past generations, the fifteen inch wheel and a relatively narrow tire was the norm for full-size vehicles. Wheel and tire sizes have been increasing to ever larger diameters and widths, with corresponding weight increases as the years have progressed.

The Tire Handling Device of the present invention is a portable device for holding and manipulating a vehicle tire while changing a flat. The device comprises a relatively compact and lightweight tool, which may be carried easily in the trunk or storage area of a motor vehicle. It helps facilitate the handling of a tire during the removal and replacement thereof.

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Invention Uses & Goals

  • to provide a tire handling device that facilitates the handling of a tire during the changing of a flat in an emergency situation

  • to provide a tire handling device that allows a user to easily perform the changing of a heavy tire when lifting or moving of the tire would be difficult or impossible

  • to provide a tire handling device that allows a user to easily align the mounting lug holes of the wheel with the mounting lugs of the wheel hub

  • to provide a tire handling device that may prevent injuries incurred from the heavy lifting and handling of a heavy tire during changing

Invention Drawings

The following pictures are meant to display possible physical characteristics of the present invention and are not to be taken in a limiting sense. It is understood that other embodiments may be utilized and that structural changes may be made without departing from the scope of the invention.

V vehicle 36 pins
T wheel and tire assembly 38 cables
J jack 40 springs
10 tire handling device 42 holes or passages
12 flat floor of rigid sheet material 44 centrally disposed opening
14a first end of 12 46 rollers
14b second end of 12 48 rotating support belt
16a first side of 12 50 floor support platform
16b second side of 12 52 attachment fittings
18a first end wall 54 wheels or casters
18b second end wall 56 adjustable braking foot
20a first sidewall 58 ramp
20b second sidewall 60 first end of 58
22 arcuate upper edge 62 second end of 58
24 base tube 64 handle attachment pins
26 tire cradle attachment tube 66 ramp attachment receptacles
28 two arms supporting 30 68 attachment means of 58
30 rigid arcuate tire support cradle 70 electrically powered lights
32 handgrip 72 parallel circuit
34 latch release lever 74 rechargeable battery
76 on /off switch

patent drawing

FIGURE 1 is an environmental, perspective view of a tire-handling device according to the present invention, showing its operation and use.

patent drawing

FIGURE 2 is an exploded perspective view of the tire-handling device of the present invention, showing further details thereof.

patent drawing

FIGURE 3 is a detailed front elevation view in section of the tire-handling device of the present invention, showing the height adjustment mechanism for the tire support cradle and belt.

patent drawing

FIGURE 4 is a top plan view of the tire-handling device of the present invention, showing further details thereof.

patent drawing patent drawing patent drawing

Invention Basic Measurements

Height (compacted):
Height (elevated):
25 inches
12 inches
4 inches
8 inches

*A typical measurement based on a standard P235/75R15 tire.*

(Invention Dimensions & Tolerance Can Vary)

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Tire Handling Device