Man-Made Island Resort Complex

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As attorney for the inventor of the exciting and creative new Man-Made Island Resort Complex we are currently seeking manufacturing companies to license, purchase patent rights or enter into a royalty agreement for this timely invention. Interested parties can reach Mr. Kroll at the contact numbers listed at the bottom of this page.

Objects of the present invention(s):

The following pictures are meant to display possible physical characteristics of the present invention and are not to be taken in a limiting sense. It is understood that other embodiments may be utilized and that structural changes may be made without departing from the scope of the invention.

10 present invention 228 safety net of 212
12 buoyant base support structure (underwater)230 bar area of 212 (underwater)
14 anchoring means(underwater) 232 spiral ramp of 30
16 facilities234 conference center (underwater)
18 transportation means (above ground) 236 security building
20 aero-gel material238 solar panels
22 main island 240 wind powered generation source
24 satellite island242 wave powered generation source
26 retractable anchor pedestals (underwater) 244 concrete stanchion of 110
28 guest lodging facilities (underwater)246 underwater spa
30 dolphin-shaped hotel (above ground) 248 above water restaurant
32 lobby of 30 (above ground)250 safety net of 248
34 guest room of 30 (above ground) 252 arched access bridge of 248
36 penthouse of 30 (above ground)254 see-through underwater restaurant with bar
38 water tube of 30 256 multi-tiered waterfall
40 sub and water pump of 30258 water pumping station
42 retractable ceiling of 36 260 see-through stream to ocean
44 exterior blue light from dolphin's eye262 water filtration system of 260
46 elevator of 30 264 arched footbridge over 260
48 entrance to 32266 swimming pool with see-through bottom
49 spiral ramp 268 first waterfall of 266
50 cave-shaped bungalow (above ground)270 second waterfall of 266
52 dome structure of 50 272 stream of 266
54 interior waterfall and basin of 50274 bathers island with tree phone of 266
56 hot and cold water temperature control switches with flow switch 276 restaurant of 266
58 salt/fresh water changing means278 wading bar of 266
60 toilet area with hot water 280 tiki bar of 266 (above ground)
62 boardwalk282 eating area in pool
64 underwater guest rooms 284 open ocean aquariums
66 exterior bulletproof glass286 planetarium (underwater)
68 room access port with decompression chamber 288 open ocean whale habitat
70 enclosed escalator tube290 open ocean shark habitat
72 fresh air and ventilation port via lobby 292 compressed air cannon
74 emergency fresh air tanks294 cannon of 292
76 door to room 296 compressed air chamber of 292
78 door to tube298 air compressor of 292
80 surface-based lobby 300 plastic tube of 292
82 tri-level guest unit302 in-line pressure valve of 292
84 bulletproof sphere 304 generator of 292
86 first floor living area306 positioning means of 292
88 second floor children's room 308 activity mountain
90 third floor swimming pool310 bobsled run at 85 degree angle
92 master bedroom 311 safety net
94 water slide312 skateboard and BMX bike concrete wave rider
96 waterfall 314 skydiving pads
98 water feed cylinder316 bungee jumping pads
100 light source for 98 318 restaurant
102 luminescent control switch320 rock tables
104 wet bar of 82 322 waterfall of 308
106 children's bar of 88324 hot air baloon rides
108 hydraulic retractable ceilings 326 cannon bolt sling shot ride
110 airport328 slingshot ride
112 runway 330 elevator
114 air traffic control tower of 110332 ocean water distribution means
116 airport security, fire and rescue headquarters 334 desalinated water distribution means
118 flight office of 112336 arched bridge of 308
120 emergency medical services facility of 110 (above ground) 337 red lights for mountain
122 emergency vehicle hangar of 110338 white lights for 336
124 marina of 110 340 blue lights for 310
126 nautical plans facility of 110342 church (above ground)
128 visitor comfort station of 110 (above ground) 344 royal blue robe
130 flight office of 110346 gold trim
132 helipads 348 metallic gold doors
134 landing lights350 white light
136 marina island 352 steps
138 support and service facility of 136 (above ground)354 ramps
140 small boat portage of 136 356 handrail
142 large boat slip of 136357 stingray arcade (underwater)
144 ocean liner slip of 136 358 octopus restaurant (underwater)
146 monorail system (underwater)360 telephone kiosk
148 sub-surface transport tube of 146 362 voice activated telephone and GPS
150 concrete stanchions of 146 (underwater)364 surround sound speaker systems
152 monorail track of 148 366mechanized simulated rain forest
154 passenger transport center of 146368 live exotic animals
156 monorail train of 146 370 guests
158 passenger compartment of 156372 wolf habitat
160 drivers compartment of 156
162 bulletproof window of 156378 welcome building to main island
164 turbo-generated power facility 380 24 hour BBQ
168 turbo-generator of 164382 sub-surface ocean constant rainbow
170 water outtake line of 164 384 floating boat rental
172 power distribution line of 164386 theater (above ground)
174 chemical waste and disposal plant 388 state of the art gym with see-through pool to ocean
176 power source from turbo-generated power plant390 volleyball court
178 treated waste outlet to disposal tank 392 basketball court
180 desalinization plant394 racquetball court
182 purification system of 180 396 tennis court
184 seawater intake conduit of 180398 ice skating rink (underwater)
186 outtake conduit of 180 400 wave pool (underwater)
188 fresh water distribution means of 180402 laundry facilities
189 flow switch of 188 404 shopping facilities (above and below water)
190 18-hole golf course406 see through island walkways
192 arched access footbridge of 190 408 workers quarters
194 dolphin waterfall of 192410 atoll
196 golf ball and tee shaped structure of 190 412 exotic bird sanctuary
198 ocean water trap of 190414 atoll restaurant
200 ocean water ball trap taking the form of any open ocean 416 artificial reef
202 restaurants of 196418 hotel lobby dome (above ground)
204 clubhouse of 196 (above and below water) 420 pool tables (underwater)
206 underwater pro shop of 196422 paint ball war (underwater)
208 underwater ball catch of 200 424 whale maze (underwater)
210 irrigation holes of 200426 medieval gauntlet (underwater)
212 floating nightclub 428 water volleyball
214 arched footbridge of 212430 laser dodge (underwater)
216 security check of 212 432 virtual reality games (underwater)
218 interior waterfalls of 212434 mini bowling alley (underwater)
220 royal blue lights of 212 436 animal spa with 24 hour boarding and 24 hour vetinary care
222 see-through hunter green stage of 212438 wave pool (underwater)
224 see-through dance floor of 212 440 scuba diving with certificate training
226 see-through tables of 212
underwater arcade (stingray shaped)
paint ball war (underwater)
whale maze (underwater)
medieval gauntlet (underwater)
water volleyball (underwater)
laser dodge (underwater)
virtual reality games (underwater)
mini bowling alley (underwater)
animal spa
wave pool (underwater)
ice hockey (underwater)
racquet ball
under water spa (with all amenities)
gym (above-water) w/ see through jacuzzi
volleyball courts
basketball courts
laundry facilities
activity mountain providing sky diving/bungee jumping/sling shot cannon
underwater convention center & conference rooms
pool tables
theater (underwater)
fishing (for meals only)
whale and shark ocean aquariums
shark observations within iron enclosures
floating rental island w/snack bar/coldcuts/drinks
see through walkways
diving/scuba certification
24 hour emergency facility for guests
24 hour child care
24 hour veterinary hospital
seasonal water temperature changes
to simulate migration
shopping center
any kind of banking
anything industrial
anything commercial
anything having to do with an amusement park
anything residential
any office complex
gas stations
any kind of food services
any kind of animal sanctuary or wildlife or animal inhabitants
shopping malls of any kind
chemical waste plant of any kind
golf course
any kind of government facilities that may have use of said island without permission granted from the rights holder or authorized by the government itself
any kind of security
any kind of colleges, schools and educational facilities
any kind of experiments with animals, people or others
any kind of hospital facilities
shooting ranges
training of any kind
any kind of fishing
any airport
no hunting
nothing industrial, commercial, retail or institutional built unless given permission by the rights holder or done by government authorization
* previously stated items stand for anything under said island that is built, floatable or retractable by use of anchors or stanchions or retractable cables of any kind or by any other means


Figure 2 is a top view of the present invention(s).

patent drawing


Figure 1 is an illustrative view of the present invention(s).

patent drawing


Figure 4 is a side view of the present invention(s).

patent drawing


Figure 5 is an illustrative view of the airport island of the present invention(s).


Figure 8 is an illustrative view of the monorail system of the present invention(s).


Figure 6 is an illustrative view of the desalinization plant of the present invention(s).


Figure 7 is an illustrative view of the chemical waste and disposal plant of the present invention(s).


Figure 9 is an illustrative view of the turbo generator power facility of the present invention(s).


Figure 10 is an illustrative view of the underwater rooms of the present invention(s).


Figure 11 is an illustrative view of the above and underwater restaurants of the present invention(s).


Figure 12 is an illustrative view of the golf course island of the present invention(s).


Figure 13 is an illustrative view of the waterfalls and stream of the present invention(s).


Figure 14 is an illustrative view of the pool and stream of the present invention(s).


Figure 15 is a top view of the boat slip station of the present invention(s).


Figure 17 is a top view of the floating nightclub of the present invention(s).


Figure 26 is an illustrative view of the activity mountain of the present invention(s).


Figure 29 is an illustrative view of the telephone, GPS system and surround sound of the present invention(s).


Figure 30 is an illustrative view of a tri-level unit of the present invention(s).


Figure 31 is an illustrative view of the rain forest enclosure of the present invention(s).


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