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This writing has been composed to present the idea of forming a network of land-based (Terra) and ocean-based (Aqua) Bypass Stations that are interconnected by an advanced tube transport system.

Some assumptions are made herein and shall be substantiated by a feasibility studies. It is believed that the overall Aqua=Terra TWINS projects will yield national and international economic prosperity during construction and long thereafter since this transport system will take time to complete and maintain to some degree.

Based on current tube transport technology, we will be able to establish a single standard infrastructure and transportation system that will connect networks of Bypass Stations. This is only possible by forming this single standard operating system, similar to and the basis of success of the internet. Thus, combining the Bypass Stations with a single standard operating transportation system becomes like the internet accept that this is a transportation-based infrastructure system and not a electronic infrastructure system as is the internet.

In short, this innovative advanced infrastructure and transportation system combines an airless (vacuum) tube environment within which a capsule / vehicle is levitated by magnets (maglev) while transporting cargo and persons at hyper speed velocity 370-4,000+ mph. Two sets of transport tubes, cargo and passenger, are designed for this system with both contained within a containment tube system for servicing and emergencies.

The vacuum that is within the tube-link network duplicates outer space conditions and thus, no friction when the containers travel within the tubes. The electro magnetic aspect allows the cylinder containers / capsules not to touch anything and thus, basically flies through the tube network as if in outer space and why this transport system has the capacity of such great speeds reaching thousands of miles per hour.

We are currently proposing various applications of this tube transport system to many nations and regions. For example, we are proposing a USA TWINS project whereby Terra Bypass Stations are to be established at each US State Capitol including Washington DC and all linked by a tube-link network connecting all and forming a true United States. For California, we are proposing a California TWINS projects whereby a central north/south corridor / spine system is established and linked to each County where one Bypass Station or smaller T-Portal Station is established, depending on population data.

Other project ideas being proposed include the establishment of an off-shore floating Port that is floated out to sea in international waters to accept incoming cargo and other vessels for unloading and transport to the shore warehouse locations that are currently docs. Needless to say, the economic and environmental advantages are numerous.

In terms of the economic prosperity aspect of this project, these Aqua=Terra projects address many issues dealing with the economics within each nation down to the individual. As we are all aware, the current state of national and international economies is weak at best and with no real solution being yet presented.

However, these Aqua=Terra TWINS projects do provide a viable solution by providing an environment where education of and employment of individuals will bring forth demand in many areas from working consumers. The most recent statistics in regards to the annual global trade activity in the transportation industry is at approximately $8.65 trillion, approximately 50% passenger and 50% cargo and this does not include losses incurred from environment5al damages, etc.

Other issues that require our attention include regional and the global climate changes and other possible cataclysms like earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, waters rising, and also space originating projectiles like asteroids, comets, and whatever, all of which has and continues to occur on this planet that we inhabit. For this, we have done nothing yet and need to consider this option sooner than later.

In short, the only logical solution to raising the living standards and economic condition or persons and nations is to build something that employs people and is economically productive for the very long term. The Aqua=Terra TWINS and related projects begins with commitments from governments (local to national) allowing the construction of the proposed tube transport system.

The Terra Bypass Station locations will first be used as staging areas to assemble and prepare the installation of tubes and other components, based on a predetermined map schematic, engineering reports, etc. for the particular project. Once an entire infrastructure and transport system is completed, the Terra stations may then be enhanced by building within the Station a technological center and other productive real estate related ventures that would likely include facilities for commerce, business, housing, resort living, etc., all subject to costs and desires to establish these stations as self-sufficient and contained environments.

Thus, it is suggested that the proposed location for the entire planetary tube transport system network be established first in regions and nations and then expanded to eventually connect to the oceanic twelve Aqua Bypass Stations network that is illustration by the global map herewith.

The technological related information in regards to the base technology as presented by the RAND Corp may be viewed at Very High Speed Transit (VHST) and more recently by ET3 TM (

Please feel free to contact the undersigned for further discussions and meetings.

With Great Respect,

J."Yon" Friedmann, MBA
Chairman / CEO
Aqua=Terra Planetary Holdings, LLC
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The following pictures are meant to display possible physical characteristics of the present invention and are not to be taken in a limiting sense. It is understood that other embodiments may be utilized and that structural changes may be made without departing from the scope of the invention.

10 present invention 120 water-tight plug in external tube link connector
12 aqua station122 iris behind connector joint
14 terra station 124 emergency detachment connector with iris seal
16 surface structure of 12126 stabilization anchors for tube link
18 subsurface base 128 security and defense platform attachment ring
20 platform base of 18130 transport tubes
22 retractable anchors of 18 132 cylinder capsule
24 retractable dome of 16134 security and defense floating platform
26 satellite sub-station 136 radar and laser of 134
28 central solar base energy core138 sub-water surface torpedo launcher tubes
30 central core security and defense shield 140 sonar sensor and electro security system
32 alternate solar self-sufficient energy source142 main link to terra station
34 floating sea farm cages and tanks 144 security rings
36 vertical landing platform for aircraft146 security drones
38 lighting for 36 148 directional scrambler security and defense system
40 loading and unloading platform and tunnel150 ocean
42 landing platform and slips for ships 152 external tube link landing and loading docks
44 lighting for 12154 cargo transport cylinder
46 garden and outdoor activities facility 156 human transport cylinder
48 water surface160 retractable fins
50 port holes 162 rear swivel blades
52 transportation station164 aquatic turbo thrusters
54 elevators 166 loading and unloading sliding doors
56 security curtain168 retractable high speed wheels
58 transport system extension cavity 170 external capsule status sensors and directional navigations device
60 weight and stabilization chamber172 security and sub maintenance crew and vehicle
62 ballast compartments 174 substation security and defense system
64 detachable section176 substation cavity
66 hydraulic stem 178 suction connector
68 anchoring means180 pressurized section of 120
70 ocean floor 182 internal double wall of 130
72 storage facility, food supplies, engineering and utilities section184 high speed wheel platform
74 transportation tube link network 186 electromagnetic line
76 multi-flex tube188 offset tube link
78 sub-water lighting 190 90 degree tube link
79 waterfall energy source192 "y" shaped tube section
80 double wall for waterfall energy source 194 "u" shaped tube section
82 additional housing, entertainment complex and other developments196 crossing connector section
84 wind energy sources 198 straight tube section
86 hemispheric satellites200 sub-floor space for wire distribution
88 land 202 central energy core
90 cities204 level one
92 retractable water-tight upper security curtain 206 level two
94 resort golf course208 level three
96 converyor belt transport system to station 210 level four
98 internal transport system circumference of aqua station212 level five
100 lower security curtain 214 emergency iris seals
102 upper security curtain water-tight groove216 water fall intake
103 retractable upper security curtain 218 sub-surface walkways connecting sub-station to sub-station
104 lights220 circumference sports track
106 sub-station core stem 222 recreational park
108 indoor sports arena224 river and streams
110 garden and outdoor entertainment complexes 226 retractable watertight sealing door
112 elevated housing228 pedestrian walks/sports track
114 drone security and defense vehicles 230 watertight outer rim seal track
116 transport system extension cavity232 360 degree surveillance camera
118 extension to tube link line transport tubes

patent drawing

Figure 1 is a perspective view of the Aqua (Ocean-based) Station.

patent drawing

Figure 2 is a perspective view of the Aqua Station and its external components.

patent drawing

Figure 3 is a topographical view of the oceanic tube link system connecting to land-mass.

patent drawing

Figure 4 is a detailed view of the oceanic and flying vehicles landing platform and slight view of the resort and hotel community.

patent drawing

Figure 5 is a detailed view of the interior of the Aqua Station including elevated housing, sports and entertainment facilities.

patent drawing

Figure 6 is a detailed view of the engineering section of the Aqua Station to monitor and control the transport and other internal systems.

patent drawing

Figure 7 is a detailed view of the anchor system holding and securing the tube-links, the Aqua Station and security system including the dual satellites and perimeter platforms.

patent drawing

Figure 8 is a detailed view of the transport tubes, cylinder containers propelled, and the perimeter platform attachment to the tube-link brace.

patent drawing

Figure 9 is a top view of the Aqua (Water-based) Station and Terra (Land-based) Station linked and view of one of the two polar satellite monitoring units.

patent drawing

Figure 10 is a perspective view of the oceanic Aqua Stations with their perimeter security and “catch” system connecting to the land-based Terra Stations for further distribution across the land-mass.

patent drawing

Figure 11 is a detailed view of the central and alternative solar and wind energy sources with the flying drone and satellite defense system.

patent drawing

Figure 12 is an illustrative view of the floatable Terra Station with its tube link and cylinder containers moving out and returning from other oceanic or land-mass locations.

patent drawing

Figure 13 is a perspective view of the transport cylinders for cargo and passenger transport.

patent drawing

Figure 14 is an illustrative view of the security / maintenance sub-surface vehicles and anchor system of the present invention.

patent drawing

Figure 15 is an illustrative view of the floating Aqua and sub-station with the security and “Catch” perimeter.

patent drawing

Figure 16 is a sectional view of the sectional tube iris-type separation and sealing system with the ballast system cavities surrounding.

patent drawing

Figure 17 is a cross sectional view of the cylinder within a tube section of the present invention.

patent drawing

Figure 18 is a cross sectional view and detail of the cylinder within a tube section containing a ballast system around the circumference.

patent drawing

Figure 19 is a view of the various and alternate shapes of tube sections for the transportation system of the present invention.

patent drawing

Figure 20 is an illustrative view of the floating Aqua Station, see farming cages and landing platform for ships and flying aircraft of the present invention.

patent drawing

Figure 21 is a sectional view of the Aqua Station levels and detachable sub-station cavity of the present invention.

patent drawing

Figure 22 is a sectional floor plan of the Aqua Station.

patent drawing

Figure 23 is an illustrative view of the top level of the Aqua Station presenting the connecting sub-stations, housing, golf courses, entertainment facilities, lakes, rivers, trees, plants, etc.

patent drawing

Figure 24 is a sectional view of the iris dividing and sealing each section from the other including the bottom base of the station if applicable in shallow waters.

patent drawing

Figure 25 is illustrative view of the external security and defense system components including the highly resistant and composite material security curtain.

patent drawing

Figure 26 is an illustrative view of the internal security system, the Aqua Station's circumference transport system and exercise track.

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